Sidekick -Details

An Excel file you install on your computer so it is always ready without login, and always keeps your data until you change it. You are free to take a call or work on other parts of your report. When you come back, Sidekick is waiting for you with your data intact.

Sidekick includes four calculators.

Depreciated Cost Analysis calculates depreciated cost adjustments from your estimate of effective age and economic life. “Adjustments for building characteristics are developed with the depreciated cost method.”

Survey calculates adjustments for features not related to cost. “Other adjustments are developed from survey data as a percentage of comp sale price.”

Time “The Date of Sale / Time adjustments are developed by applying the annual rate of appreciation to the interval in days between comp contract data and report effective date.”

Effective Age calculates depreciation, effective age and remaining economic life from your economic life and cost data.

Sidekick does not do the cost approach.  It does not replace Solomon Cost.

To download your Sidekick purchase: 

Go to the Member's site. 

You will need to login in to the site using your user name and password.  

Once logged in you will need to go to Manage Account and select the My Downloads tab. From there you can download the software and the manual.





Duration: 1 year
Price: $100.00