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Solomon innovates to help residential appraisers use the cost approach to quickly identify the contributory value of a house. Cost data from National Building Cost is included in the subscription at no additional charge.

Contributory value is called Depreciated Cost in the URAR Cost Approach.  Solomon isolates the percentage of cost paid.

Sales grid adjustments are the contributory value of differences between the subject and comparables.  If the market pays 70% of cost and the cost of a bath at time of construction is $10,000, the bath adjustment is $7,000.

Depreciated cost is a recognized method of supporting adjustments for which we have cost data. These include GLA, Bath, Garage and other building components.

Solomon leads you through site value extraction. Reconcile the tradeoff between depreciation and site value.

With support for cost related adjustments, Solomon helps you identify other adjustments that are not related to cost such as location, site size, view, quality, age, condition and bedroom count.

Subscribers to Solomon Plus have access to Sensitivity Analysis and other tools that calculate and document these adjustments. This is adjusted pairs taken to the next level. Another Solomon innovation.

Solomon is endorsed by several AQB Certified USPAP Instructors including Timothy Andersen, Bobby Crisp, Bryan Reynolds and Pamela Teel. Regulatory responsibilities prevent others from endorsing.

Email Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He can show you how to be sure the cost data is fresh and accurate in your location. This is one of many capabilities that are unique to Solomon. Get in touch to arrange a complete demo via ZOOM.

There are several videos on Youtube You are so close to feeling more confident in your appraisal development and reporting. Solomon will get you there. Let me know how I can help. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.